Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why YOU should join SFI!

Why YOU join SFI ?

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The number one reason for joining SFI is given as ‘ to make more money’.

Number two is the ‘desire for freedom’.

The biggest challenge is always given as ‘overload of information and feeling overwhelmed’.

Looking at number 1 – There are more ways to make money with SFI than any other online business. To find out about all the different ways you can earn money 
- log on to your homepage,
- go to the ‘income’ button,
- click on ‘compensation plan.

Looking at number 2 - The desire for freedom – we want the freedom to work for ourselves, owning our own business and working the hours we choose, and having the prospect of unlimited income based on our own efforts, rather than working all the hours god sends, for someone else where however much time and effort we put in, we get the same paycheck each month and only the boss benefits!

The biggest challenge – overload of information and feeling overwhelmed. I felt this when I first joined SFI and after logging on for a few days, left it sat on my computer for months doing nothing! 
I then decided to take another look at it and worked my way through the ‘launchpad’ lessons and ‘getting started. By doing this in my first active month, I was able to become EA and received 14 co-sponsored affiliates, some of whom were active and earned me my first commissions, giving me the confidence to continue.
If at any time I felt overwhelmed (and I did) then I hit the ‘back to basics’ button until I felt comfortable again.
I love SFI now and do not want to work for anyone else ever again!

Give it a try and hopefully you will make it a success too!

Good luck, Ruth Corser

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