Monday, 23 February 2015

You must participate to make a success of your SFI business!

Hi, I saw this tip on SFI and thought it may help you start to make a success of your SFI business. 
Thank you to Delmar Taylor for the following tip.

You want to make money using the SFI Affiliate, TripleClicks Member combination? You have to do just one thing: participate. That's really what it is all about. Only through full participation can you achieve complete success with SFI. Anything short of that and your goals of success suffers. 

I'm not talking about just signing up and sitting on the sidelines. That doesn't bring success to anyone. You'll get ignored, left behind, and never realize any benefit from your association with this group. 

So what do I mean by participation? Well, let's see if I can lay it out for you. The many ways you can, and should, participate: 

Standing Order (intrinsic rewards)-- 

LaunchPad - Versa Points (establishes rank for purpose of computing commissions)-- 

S-Builder Co-Op -(business group building rewards)-- 


PriceBender Auction - TCredits (immediate under-cost merchandise wins)-- 

TConnect site/page - selling your used goods (recoup some of value left in used products)-- 

Transfer Buying - Personal Purchasing (Getting from TC what your already buy someplace else)-- 

Deal-of-the-Day e-mail (cut rate prices on many useful products)-- 

Connecting - building your community, expanding your market for your TConnect site or your ECA store 

Advertising - FaceBook and Twitter SFI Tripleclicks pages, free classified ad sites, ppc, etc. 

If you're not already "participating," why not? You will succeed only through participating.

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